To the big five…


To the big five of the VETO club in the Security Council

It has been 15 months since you began witnessing the worst crimes ever committed in the history of mankind here in Syria. During this time, you have argued and consulted to come up with what you call an “international decision” which will receive all your esteemed votes.

It has been 15 months that you have hesitated to take this “international decision” that would put an end to the regime’s brutal massacres and to its death machine that has become a regular visitor to the otherwise safe houses of Syrian civilians.

It has been 15 months that you have failed to defend human rights and to protect women and children against the worst barbaric assault ever recorded in the history of humanity, ancient and modern!

The shelling of safe neighborhoods, the destruction of houses of innocent children, women, and elders as well as the sending of masses of gangs specialized in killing and slaughtering have all become regular news brought to you daily by the media, just like any other news.

The world is sick of your International Regime through which you dominate other nations by using ethical and political laws that suffer from double and sometimes multiple standards.

Your military, petroleum, and commercial bodies enslaved people whilst your allies in the international mafia took care of promoting adultery, drugs, and tobacco businesses to destroy human health and, with it, the economies of developed countries. You enslaved people having them work for less than a dollar a day, not even sparing the children who were already subject to exploitation, kidnapping, and organ theft.

You played on ethnic, religious and tribal factors to widen divisions and destroy national awareness, waging wars and creating dictatorships that will serve only your interests and strategies.

You contrived a system of ideologies and divided the world accordingly, creating wars to split the treasures of the world and manipulate them for your benefit, stealing in the process the dreams and aspirations of the people of Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and the Balkans.

You terrorized humanity by both creating and using atomic bombs. You led wars in the Koreas, Vietnam, and Cambodia during which you used cluster and phosphorus bombs as well as chemical and biological warfare, testing all these horrifying weapons on the struggling nations of Asia and the Middle East. You stripped millions of Palestinians of their homes, land and rights to create the most racist, ruthless and peace-threatening nation of the modern world: Israel. Equally as conspiratorially, you created terrorism and al-Qaeda itself (as recently confirmed by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton), incontestably placing the responsibility for all the wars in the region solely on you. You are also to be held accountable for the massacres in Lebanon, Chechnya, Bosnia and Rwanda as you politically supported the aggressors with your reluctance to immediately involve a UN rescue team.

You successfully deceived the nations of the world into believing that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction simply to justify your brutal invasion of Iraq that you so absurdly declared in the name of democracy and freedom, all under the aesthetically pleasing umbrella of the United Nations. Your painfully ironic depiction of the war as a one of liberation instantly mocked the masses as they witness you torture prisoners and violate human rights both in Iraq and Afghanistan included.

You endorsed dictatorships and applauded their repressive ways against their people and their intellectuals; simultaneously and rather paradoxically, you rallied for values of freedom, democracy, and dignity carrying slogans of Human Rights.


We still remember how silent you were back in the 80s when Hama was destroyed and tens of thousands of Syrians were massacred. Not only did you shut your eyes and ignore all the crimes but you so graciously hosted the killers providing them with nationalities and comfortable living situations. You engaged in business partnerships with them, forgetting all about Human Rights, freedom, dignity, and democracy; values you so militantly advocated.

History repeats itself today, but in an uglier and more criminal manner, as the shelling of cities and neighborhoods has become systematic by a regime that openly declares: “it’s either me or nobody”. Repression evolved into burning crops and lands and targeting national and historical buildings that belong to the nation and to all mankind due to their age of thousands of years. Ruins, houses, farm animals, shops, and factories were all robbed. Killing Syrians continued in unfathomable numbers including women and children who were being slaughtered by knives like sheep; throats were removed and dead bodies were desecrated as the regime tried to plant religious, ethnic and tribal divisions pushing the whole country to a civil war and threatening to set the whole region on fire. All this is happening before your eyes, yet your deafening silence and indecision pollutes the world as you split your policing roles among yourselves, with those who call for militant intervention and those who oppose it, counteracted by those who are content with arming and supporting the regime with all the means necessary to suppress the nation.

To you, the Syrian case is to be discussed at a weekend in Camp David over a pleasant and amicable dinner, raising your glasses and enjoying the food. Then you ask; is it time yet to stop the bloodshed in Syria or are Russian’s interests, Israel’s security and the American elections more important? How many victims would like to see before you’ve had enough Syrian blood served in glasses made of the false principals that you promote? You smile airily as you lie through your teeth, sipping your wine and engaging in futile, repeated dialogue filled with empty promises and directionless, insincere intensions to end our daily bloodshed, i0rresolutely and perpetually concluding absolutely nothing. When are you going to determine that Syria has had enough? In Chechnya and Bosnia and Lebanon tens of thousands of victims were enough for you; in Somalia and Iraq and Rwanda the number jumped to hundreds of thousands. So, dear “Friends of Syria and the Security Council”: what is the number required of deceased Syrian citizens to quench your thirst for blood?

Even at the recent Geneva Summit, Anan and those he represents put forward farfetched, implausible proposals that not only belittle, but insult the honourable and ruthless 15 month battle that the Syrian people have courageously endured. These unreasonable and futile proposals aid rather than halt Assad’s brutality, sending a green light to the regime to continue unhindered and more heinous than it was.

Your condemnation and polite criticism is not enough and what your economic sanctions are nothing but a slap on the wrist to a professional, sadistic killer. Your credibility disappeared long ago, since Russia’s bloody history notoriously repressed its own nation as well as those of Eastern Bloc for more than 70 years. America’s history is even darker since its beginnings, demonstrating nothing other than axiomatic racist and fascist beliefs that dominated its policies. From controlling the lands of the Native Americans, annihilating them systematically as they did with blacks, to creating both secret and declared wars in the Far East, Latin America, and the Middle East, the USA very clearly did not respect even the simplest of Human Rights. To top all of that off, their support of Israel and its policies and daily regular violations of human rights (the same Human Rights that we are consistently reminded to preserve by the Americans themselves), comes the official declaration of blatant hypocrisy needed to show the world the immorality of our leading nations. However, just as further proof, it is necessary to mention that China for example, was particularly innovative concerning ways of suppressing their own people and nations nearby, enslaving and colonizing. It is also impossible to forget Great Britain and France, who were both responsible for killing hundreds of thousands, starving millions and repressing them in every social way possible throughout the years in Middle East and Africa.

We call upon all nations of the world to remove themselves of their own pain and suffering and overcome their repression and deprivation, to rise up against the criminal international regime and replace it with an international body that will set equal standards between all nations and strive for justice, implementing democracy on an international scale. Let us cancel the VETO so that criminal regime cannot protect their interests and control over other nations under any justifying cover whatsoever.

The world must unite and scream until our lungs give out: SAVE THE SYRIAN NATION.


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