The double-standard policy is the worst threat to the credibility of international law


Sergei Lavrov, the foreign affairs minister of the state leading the “axis of evil” in the world, said that it is inconceivable and illegal to hold elections in Ukraine while a faction of the Ukrainian people – i.e. the Russian-speaking minority – is under an armed threat.

Bashar Al-Assad’s criminal regime has killed more than 200,000 Syrians, in addition to 60,000 women and children. More than 100,000 citizens have been subjected to ill-treatment and thousands of women have been raped. The regime has led methodical campaigns of sectarian and ethnic cleansing, and used cluster bombs and ballistic and chemical weapons against its own people. It has destroyed and plundered the nation’s monuments and brought about the displacement of more than 10 million Syrians. It has released Al-Qaeda extremists and terrorists, and allowed them to use oil-rich regions as a basis for self-financing purposes while ordering its mercenaries not to target them in their air raids. Still, a schizophrenic Lavrov goes on claiming that this regime can organize new presidential elections and rig them as it has been doing for 50 years.

One of the main missions of superpowers is to protect civil peace, defend human rights, respect people’s right to self-determination and uphold peoples’ freedom. Ironically, these superpowers are the first to violate these rights or have recourse to a double-standard policy in this respect.

Each free and democratic person around the world faces the following question: Who is responsible for terrorism? Are the superpowers that know the facts and still keep silent about them fighting terrorism? Are they rather not stoking and promoting it? Terrorism starts with a desperate and oppressed human being whose rights are being violated. This makes it easier to sponsor, recruit and transform this person into a suicide bomber who is ready for everything in the name of religion and out of revenge.

It is of the utmost importance to answer this question and put an end to this situation if we wish for a more secure and fairer world…

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